Columbia High School

Dekalb County Schools

Band Reigns Supreme

DeKalb County School District has been voted "Best in Music Education" for a consecutive 25th year this year! CHS has continued to represent this strength. On Saturday CHS Band members were a part of the largest spring marching band in history with over 800 band members from across the country! Colleagues, please watch our competition performance in the linked YouTube video and congratulate the band members whenever you see them. 

Join us and bring your family to our upcoming competitions:

Sunday, April 21st at Dutchtown High School - 3 pm
Saturday, May 4th at Morehouse (Going against Dolla Watson Classic) {$30 tickets}
Sunday, May 5th at Tara Stadium - 5 pm (Battling in the Ultimate Band Clash)

We hope to see you there!